Raleigh Bicycles

Can you remember your first bike? I can, mine was a Raleigh. That Herron head badge featuring Nottingham England meant a great deal to me when I was a kid. When I studied my Masters in Brand Development at Bath Spa University in the UK, Raleigh was my chosen case study. The brand has a very long legacy and a big stake in cycling history. I began my research process by gathering as many books or articles on the company’s history as I could find. Diving into a bit of desktop research gave me a basic knowledge of the brand’s history which enabled me to engage local retailers in conversation. Once I was confident I had developed enough understanding I then approached Raleigh themselves and spoke to an experienced member of staff working at Raleigh. I reached a stage where certain questions couldn’t be answered over a phone or through informal chat so I carried out an independent research trip to Raleigh’s home city Nottingham and spent several days researching the Raleigh archives.

Studying Raleigh taught me how a brand with a great proposition, a robust business model and killer design can produce products that lasts in the public memory. Raleigh Bicycles was established in 1885 and continues to endure as a household name.







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