People Library

Portrait photographs are great material to work with. Combined with nice tight typography, portraits can help affect a powerful message that people instantly connect with, for better or for worse. People Library was a project headed up by Dr Nuala Flood and happened as part of Designing Dublin. Dr Flood was examining the disconnect between citizens and the civic authorities. People Library sought to champion certain members of a local community and featured local politicians, civic authorities, local police and street maintenance. To develop a voice for this suite of posters, I treated each of these portraits by introducing a noise or grain like quality into the image. I was looking to capture something that was very real and stripped down. To amplify this even further, I added a layer of typography that was deliberately physical and helped dissect the image, so the image could be carved in half by a participant’s statement. You can read more about how this project was developed in Designing Dublin : The Compendium.


Project Details