Moving Education

When you were in school did you swing on your chair? Or perhaps you used to jig your foot up and down or maybe play with the pen in your hand? It would be quite normal if you did, it’s simply the body’s way of regulating your concentration levels.

I was seconded by the NCAD, Dublin to work on a European funded project based in Cologne, Germany. One of my main contributions to this project was helping to name, design and implement the moving education brand.

The name carries two messages: progressive education; more movement in the classroom please! When I was thinking about the typography for the word mark I was really trying to avoid using Christian Schwartz’ type face Stag but in the end I just gave in, it was the perfect face for the job…well almost. In order to convey the feel of movement, I began working with the italic but the feedback I was getting from fellow team members was that it wasn’t cursive or fluid enough. So I began chipping away at some of the terminals on the serifs until I was able to bring it somewhere we were all happy with; a small little touch that made a big difference.

moving education was subsequently developed into a global student competition which I helped set up and manage. The heavy lifting on all of the digital work was carried out by the extremely capable Michael Schmitz at Generative Gestaltung.


Project Details