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Play Vision PlayVision happened as part Designing Dublin. The idea behind PlayVision was to engage with the school children of Clongriffin, a housing estate whose development had stalled as a result of the banking crisis. Before meeting with the children we’d heard from the ‘grown ups’, who said: ‘People don’t feel a sense of connection […]


Metronoids As well as being a communication designer I am also a musician, not an uncommon combination in the world of visual arts. Rather surprisingly however I’ve only ever produced one piece of artwork for a record cover and this is it. Metronoids was recorded by three musicians who were exploring drums in an unorthodox […]


UCD / School of History History has a bad brand; or rather it has a confused one. Mention the word history and immediately your imagination is cast into a world of muddy battle fields, black and white footage, ancient monuments and dusty scrolls. What you’re less inclined to think of is a subject and a […]